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Bangalore India - A brief Introduction

Tourists visits Bangalore (India) not just for Fun but to Judge their Intellectual behaviour groomed in a Hi-Tech surroundings.

Bangalore (in India) is considered in one of the very beautiful and hi-tech city of India. Bangalore (India) is the capital city of Karnataka.
Bangalore is the India's third most populous and largest city and Bangalore (India) is also the 27th largest city in the world and this Bangalore city India is situated in the south-eastern part of Karnataka. Bangalore in India is also considered in among one of the most happening city of India. In Bangalore (India) you can easily find all the hitech trends and developed societies. Bangalore, India is no doubt coined in the leading state of south India but it is also counted for its political affairs. The Politics of Karnataka has gotten worse from last couple of months. And the state is under the president rule. The three major political parties of Bangalore are BJP, Congress and Janta Dal(s). In terms of economical growth and political affairs the Bangalore city India is completely inseparable from the rest of the Indian country. All the resources are available Bangalore in abundance. The Information Technology sector is booming in the city, India. And the Sotware Industry is growing very rapidly in the city in India.

Commercial Area in Bengaluru-Bangalore India

Bangalore city in India has its own diverse history and multicultural environment. Bangalore has developed very rapidly in last few decades in the field of Information technology and Business Process Outsourcing.Due to drastic rise in BPO jobs in the Bangalore India , many graduates’ youths are moving rapidly towards this Industry & also the Software Engineers of Bangalore in India are highly demanded through out the Globe.
Bengaluru is also the centre of learning and research, students of all over the India and from the rest of the countries visit Bengaluru for their higer studies. Many well known personalities, scholars, Managers, scientists are the product of the reputed educational institution of Bangalore. Bangalore India is also called as Garden City and it has two nationally recognized botanical gardens:- Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park, and these two gardens attracts lots of visitors through the year. The city was the recipient of the Indira Priyadarshini Vruksha Mitra award in the late 1980s, for its extensive greenery.


Bangalore (India) is the home place of Kannada Film Industry of India, which releases over 80 movies each year and it is the fifth largest movie industry in India, in terms of revenue generation.

Bangalore India: comprises of extreme diverse cuisines and this is reflected through the social and economic diversity of the Bangalore. Along the roadside you will get variety of Vendors, tea stalls, South Indian, North Indian, Muslim food, Chinese and Western fast foods and all these fast foods are very popular in the city.

There is having certain traditional Bangalore (Indian) vegetarian restaurants which are also very famous, these are MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Room), Vidyarthi Bhavan, Udupi Krishna Bhavan, Ramakrishna Lunch Home, Hotel Sharavathi in Yelahanka, New Krishna Bhavan, Janatha Hotel, Central Tiffin Room, Restaurants at Janardhana Hotel and Chalukya Hotel and Ullas to name a few. The masala dosa - rice pancake smeared with red chilly chutney and stuffed with potato curry, 'set dosa' - 3 medium sized dosas, 'benne masalae' - thick rice pancake prepared with butter – these are certain local favorites of the people of Bangalore . Bath in most of the restaurants are also some of the other local favorites in the city.

The Muslim cuisine of Bangalore India is excellent as it delivers a very interesting blend of Mughlai cuisine, Hyderabadi Muslim or Nawabi cuisine and all these are called with a distinct Bangalorean flavour. The MM Road in Frazer town is known for its unique collection of about 7 to 8 Muslim Restaurants including one quite known Richies catering to usually the middle class and the Upper middle class.

Kannad Film Industry

Arabian cuisine is also slowly on the rise with Shawarma and Felafil gathering some popularity although these hotels are usually frequented by Arab students and Gulf returned Indians. Some of the bakeries in Bangalore are also quite popular for a quick snack. There are many fruit juice stalls and shoppers often visit them.

Bangalore India , with its good location and as congenial climate, fertile land and adequate rainfall has grown steadily in its area and population. Its growth started rapidly with the establishment of a cantonment by the British.

IIM Bangalore

One of the top Management Institution of India- IIM (Indian Institute Of Management) is located here in Bangalore. The FPM program at IIM Bangalore is recognized throughout the world for it's expertise in all the field of Business Management and Studies, along with its systematic approach towards the studies of corporate strategy, policy, economics and social sciences, finance and control, marketing management, organization behaviour and human resources management, production and operations management.You can explore more about the IIM Bangalore in the IIM section of the website.

Bangalore ROAD maps

There are many occassions when people have to visit the Bangalore for personal or official reasons and people mostly faces difficult to find the place and various locations in the city itself. You can browse these places from the Bangalore City Map, Bangalore Direction Map from Bus Stand / Railway Station Bangalore and Bangalore Direction Map from Airport & Bangalore Political Maps

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